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Summer of Code application checklist

If you are interested in participating, Please contact us through Gitter and introduce yourself. We have a weekly videocon that you can participate in if there is interest.

The application process

  1. Get familiar with StarKit
  2. Check out the ideas page StarKit GSoC 2019 Ideas Page
  3. Introduce yourself to us
  4. Start your application (Application guidelines)
  5. Select a project
    • Many projects have additional specific instructions. They often involve a Pull Request.
  6. Discuss and share your project details (don't wait!)
  7. Submit your application! application

You got accepted (before coding begins)

  1. Agree to the acceptance requirements (in writing)
  2. Read our participation expectations (read it ALL, we will quiz you later)
  3. Set up an interaction schedule with your mentors (at least weekly)
  4. Fill out your profile (one sentence summary, your name, link to proposal, dev log, and GSoC page)
  5. Get familiarized with web resources:
    • Gitter
    • Github
    • Mailing List
  6. Post your proposal online (Google Docs, overleaf, wiki, etc.)
  7. Describe your project plan
  8. Announce your plan via Chat and/or E-mail (discuss and make adjustments)
  9. Submit patches to get familiarized with code (find small tasks like these)

Once coding begins

  1. Write maintainable, portable, complete code
  2. Keep a daily log of your activities online somewhere (a blog or your wiki user page is great for this)
  3. We expect you to sign-in/sign off on Gitter on working days and give us a short summary of your plans for the day
  4. Provide a midterm report on your project progress to the mailing list as well as posting it to your blog or wiki log.
  5. Stay motivated, engage other devs, allocate time for discussions
  6. Provide a final report on your project progress
  7. Keep working on StarKit :-)
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